Orkut Application - How Does It Work?


In this article, you will receive information that will help you understand how the Orkut application works. One of the most used tools today is the application, in general, the largest companies and institutions give users the opportunity to install it and consequently facilitate their relationship with the company.

Applications have been playing an important role in society, since 2007 they are in full swing and the mobile device was responsible for their great success. Applications were largely responsible for the evolution of digital services, especially with Apple's iPhone, Touch Screen technology.

The first mobile application was born on September 23, 2008, almost 12 years ago. It has been accepted for Android phones. However, its first business attempt was rejected by the Samsung company, which made the Google company buy it and consequently developed by Android on Smartphones.

Therefore, the hyper curious website will show how the Orkut application works. Consequently, you will also know the importance of this tool that has come to make your relationships even easier through social networks. It is worth remembering that the internet plays a fundamental role in the lives of millions of people who use it daily.


The Orkut application has a very easy-to-understand functionality. In fact, Orkut was created in 2004 by the Turkish softwear engineer, Orkut Buyukkokten, and has not stopped developing until the present day. However, the social network underwent major changes precisely to adapt to the new realities of the digital world.

The Orkut application is a tool that can help the user to keep in good contact with his friends and family, and consequently meet new people who fit into his life context.


One of the main features of Orkut today is that it is linked to various Google services, such as Webmail and Gmail. These two services are essential for many professional and personal matters to be resolved by sending messages and texts.

The relationship between Orkut and Google is very intense, for example. In 2014, it was deactivated and returned to its original state of use. However, as applications advance, it can be found again on Google Play or the APP Store. Brazil and India concentrate the largest number of Orkut users.


To install Orkut on your phone, follow these guidelines:

Step 1 – Access Google Play or the APP Store on your cell phone.

Step 2 – Request the installation of the Orkut application. For this service, you will need to provide your personal data, such as:

Step 3 – When requesting the application on your cell phone and following the instructions that are part of the installation process, you must do the following:

Step 4 – Create a personal and secret password, every time you access your official Orkut application, you will need to enter the password correctly to perform your services.

Step 5 – Keep your Orkut always updated and in working order so you don't miss notifications about topics that can help you have a good relationship with your community.

Orkut is very good for today because it provides information, games, animations and music. In addition to facilitating communication with your friends who are part of this great digital community.