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Body temperature

There is a lot of information that body temperature can provide. It has already been observed that, when we are sick, the body temperature can fluctuate more or less, depending on each situation.

When the body temperature is above average, which is 36.5 degrees Celsius, it may be an indication that something is not working properly in our organism. We call this hyperthermia or popularly known: fever!

Despite being a form of alert, it does not always mean that there is something serious. A simple cold or mild inflammatory condition can cause this sudden rise in body temperature.


Measure fever – Learn more

The form of temperature measurement that we use in Brazil is the degree Celsius. In the past, mercury thermometers were used to measure fever, which had a high accuracy rate in the data collected.

However, over time, this substance was considered extremely harmful to human health. Therefore, there was a replacement for the well-known digital thermometer, which is the most common one to find in everyday life.

Fever can be connected to several factors, including emotional ones. Often when measuring fever, children and adults have a temperature above normal. This can have several emotional factors intertwined.

Emotional Fever – Is It True?

Emotional fever can also be known as psychogenic fever, due to the fact that it has a direct connection with the person's psychology. The famous emotional fever can start from one hour to another.

The emotional condition that most can cause fever is stress or chronic stress. Although common, emotional fever is very difficult to diagnose, since this diagnosis is made by elimination, most of the time.

Another detail that should be pointed out is that emotional fever is much more difficult to stop. That's because she's highly resistant to antipyretics and anti-inflammatories. So it's always good to be aware when measuring fever.

Pay attention to body temperature

It is important to note that controlled body temperature is directly linked to the proper functioning of vital organs for our survival.

Having access to data on measuring fever can help you discover a multitude of ailments and diseases that may be affecting your life.

Because of the digital technology of mobile applications, in your favor. Learn more about how the app works to measure fever.

app to measure fever

As mentioned before, the only way to measure body temperature is through specific thermometers. However, it is possible to maintain control when measuring fever, using only the application on the cell phone. With it you can:

That way you can take daily data to a doctor's appointment for example. This way, the doctor will have a better idea about how your body is doing and how your body works.

Above all, with the help of the app to measure fever, you don't spend anything and can record the temperatures of several people at the same time. All this with just a few clicks on your cell phone screen.

measure fever

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